Forest Animal

Forest Animal
Do you remember your childhood and bedtime when you asked your parents to leave the door open while getting asleep? To feel the light and safety.
For peaceful evenings and adventurous days, we have created a collection of forest animals that will provide a sense of security, light and joy to all children. The collection of light elements “Forest Animals” was created inspired by Latvian nature and our own children.
The light elements are based on Latvian forest animals and children’s creativity supporting their health.
These animals are created based on their story and special personality.

Everyone has a role in supporting the child’s development – the bunny takes care of the consumption of vegetables, the hedgehog stimulates curiosity, while the bear invites you to go to bed peacefully.
The bunny of light, the bear and the hedgehog will be excellent allies in the daily life of the child and in the evenings will be present as pleasant light source.


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